Charity Facts and Figures

Giving Away Billions for a Good Cause

Charity Facts and Figures
November 28, 2017

You know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday – but are you aware of Giving Tuesday? Giving Tuesday is a recent invention – so recent, it is often preceded with a hashtag. It was started in 2012 on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving and has been gaining in popularity as a symbol of charity to counteract the excess commercialism of the start of the holiday shopping season.

Will Giving Tuesday catch on? So far, the results are promising. The Giving Tuesday donations in 2013 were up by 90% over the initial event in 2012, and kept growing by nearly 63% in 2014, 155% in 2015, and 52% in 2016.

Regardless of the effects of Giving Tuesday, charitable giving is making an overall recovery after the hit it took during the Great Recession. Here are a few facts about America's charitable giving.

  • Total Giving in Dollars – Charity Navigator notes that total gifts to charity in 2013 reached over $335 billion, continuing the trend for four straight years of increased giving with a 4.4% jump. Record-setting giving in 2014 ($358.38 billion), 2015 ($373.25 billion), and 2016 ($390.05 billion) beat the pre-recession (2007) mark of $349.5 billion.

  • Total of Giving Households – According to the National Philanthropic Trust (NPT), the vast majority of us participate in some sort of charitable giving – a whopping 91% of high net worth households in 2016. Many of these contributions are small, but the average household contribution is a respectable $2,520.

  • People Outgive Corporations – Individual spirit still drives our charity. 72% of our giving ($281.86 billion) came from individuals in 2016, with the remainder contributed by foundations, bequests, and corporations (15%, 8%, and 5% respectively).
  • When Do We Give? – According to the BlackBaud 2016 Charitable Giving Report, about one-third of charitable giving takes place in the last quarter of the year. December alone accounted for 18% of the total in 2016. We assume that is likely due to the combination of reminders of need during the holiday season (such as Giving Tuesday), increased solicitations, and maximizing charitable tax deductions before the year’s end.

  • Online Giving On the Rise – The ease of online giving may be helping charitable efforts. It is certainly claiming a greater share of giving, totaling 7.2% of all charitable giving.

  • Many Choices – Can't find a charitable organization that you like? If so, you are not trying very hard. In 2015, there were over 1.5 million charitable organizations to choose from, according to NPT. Maybe you are just having trouble making up your mind….

  • America the Charitably Predictable – Americans predictably give around 3% of their collective income to charity. We have done so for decades, according to Charity Navigator.

  • Charity and Stocks – NPT adds another unusual but understandable correlation. Charitable giving tends to increase at around one-third the rate of the stock market – which should make for a banner year in 2017.

If you had donated recently, thanks for your efforts. No matter what size or to what organization, it is another step toward addressing needs worldwide.

If you have not participated in charitable giving, it is not too late to join in the fun. Please give whatever you can, and feel the satisfaction that comes with helping those in need.

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Carla | 11.30.15 @ 19:02
I had never heard of Giving Tuesday. I support several charities right now because they need all the help they can get no matter how small
Nancy | 11.30.15 @ 19:04
It's great to see so many people and households give. It would be even greater to see corporate giving exceed the private.
Erin | 11.30.15 @ 19:04
What a great article. I was not aware of Giving Tuesday, but I'm glad someone had the idea to start it since all we usually see is the crazy materialism from Black Friday.
Zanna | 11.30.15 @ 19:04
We do give, and give regularly, but we should do more. Time to look at the budget and rethink priorities!
Sarah | 11.30.15 @ 19:05
This is a new one on me and I thought I was pretty savvy when it came to these things. I'll be looking into it this year, even if I only have a day to do it!
Amanda | 11.30.15 @ 19:06
I have never heard of Giving Tuesday. I would imagine that straight off Black Friday and Cyber Monday there would be no money left to give, but it's nice to hear that people are giving. We usually give through out the year to many different charities.
joann | 11.30.15 @ 19:10
I too had never heard of Giving Tuesday. But i think it is great. I do understand the huge last quarter giving though. Tax breaks for the year are taken the most at that time. I just like to know when giving that the money is actually being used for good. Not paying someone's huge salary or large overhead costs.
Chrisitna | 11.30.15 @ 19:11
I wish more businesses would participate in ideas like Giving Tuesday - it would certainly send a message after Black Friday madness.
Britt | 11.30.15 @ 19:13
There are a few charities that I donate to every year, but a lot of them are so shaddy, that its really hard to find ones that I actually trust. Aside from that, I will be doing my annual donations come Tuesday.
Elaine | 11.30.15 @ 19:15
I haven't heard of this Giving Tuesday but I like the idea. Great way to get people in the giving spirit.
Jane | 11.30.15 @ 19:16
As it is said, Charity begins at home, and that's what I do. I donate gently used clothes, coats, shoes, etc. for the homeless in my area. I prefer to give it directly to those in need, because so many of the homeless need to see a smile, to talk a bit to someone. The donation is important, but so is the human interaction, IMHO. <3
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