Want Celebs to Pay Your Mortgage?

Lady Antebellum Can Make Your House Payments

Want Celebs to Pay Your Mortgage?
May 11, 2021

Most celebrities have more money than they know what to do with, so why shouldn't they use some of it to make your mortgage payments? You are not likely to get "the Biebs" to buy off your bungalow or convince Fergie to finance your farm — but if you are a fan of the country group Lady Antebellum, you may be able to get them to make some of your mortgage payments.

Lady Antebellum and Quicken Loans have struck a deal to make a year's worth of mortgage payments for seven lucky fans in a promotion titled 7FOR7. The title is a play on words from their latest album, 747. Total winnings can range between $12,000 and $24,000 and will be applied to both principal and interest on the winners' mortgages, as long as they can show proof of the monthly mortgage payment.

What if you are a renter instead of a homeowner? You may still be able to qualify. The rules reference "non-mortgage-holding winner's prizes" and that a random amount will be drawn from the $12,000-$24,000 prize range for those contestants.

The contest is a short essay of fifty words maximum to answer one question: "What would meeting Lady Antebellum and getting one year's worth of mortgage payments on behalf of Quicken Loans mean to you?" Prizes will be awarded based on three criteria: the most deserving contestants, creativity and originality, and clarity. Of course, with only fifty words to work with, clarity is pretty much a given.

The contest runs through August 20th with the final drawing to be held on August 21st. You may only enter once during that time period.

Not only do prize winner's get a year's worth of mortgage payments, they also receive other prizes including two VIP tickets to a Lady Antebellum concert on the upcoming "Wheels Up" tour, along with Meet and Greet passes, airfare and hotel included for the winner and one guest, and an autographed copy of the 747 album.

To enter, you must be at least eighteen years old and a U.S. citizen. The registration and entry link along with other contest details may be found at http://www.ladyantebellum.com/7FOR7.

There is only one downside. Should you win, remember that those winnings are still taxable, even though they are applied to mortgage payments. Make sure you report the winnings and hold out some extra money to pay the taxes on it.

Quicken Loans has sponsored other music tours before, such as George Strait's "Cowboy Rides Away" tour. However, according to Quicken Loans President Jay Farner, Quicken chose the mortgage payment path instead of a simple sponsorship to "bring more than our name to the ticket." Farner goes on to say, "We (Quicken) can actually create special experiences at a concert, and free mortgage payments that fans will remember for a lifetime."

Quicken is not the only financial group to sponsor tours. Other affiliations include Taylor Swift and American Express, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett with Citi Financial, and Gwen Stefani and MasterCard. Still, a year's worth of mortgage payments is a unique promotion, and one that is likely to pay off for Lady Antebellum.

If you are a country music fan with a mortgage, the Lady Antebellum and Quicken Loans promotion is a perfect opportunity for you to win a year's worth of free mortgage payments. If you are not a country music fan... well, you still have a few months to become one.

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