Asked by Michael  |  Submitted January 14, 2015

Can you recommend a spreadsheet for tracking my stock purchases?

I started investing in this stock in 1986 and reinvested the dividends until 2014.

Since 1986 this stock has split 3 times. Reading IRS pub 590, I need to allocate the stock dividends to an adjusted cost. I may want to start selling this stock in 2015 and I need to recalculate the adjusted cost of this stock.

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January 14, 2015

Hi -
You can usually obtain information about splits from the company's website - look under "Investor Relations".. Another good source is Yahoo Finance - they have historical information going back as far as you want (usually). Type the stock symbol in the search box on their home page and then click on Historical Prices on the left side. You can then enter the date range you need. The information is downloadable into Excel or other spreadsheet program so you can make sense of it - look for the link at the bottom of the page. The custodian for your shares should also be able to provide the needed information. You will need to know how many shares each dividend purchased and at what share price. Keep in mind that reinvested dividends add to the cost basis of the shares. When you sell, you have several choices about which shares you sell and in what order you sell. If you use the specific identification method you can pick and choose which shares you sell which can help you minimize income taxes. Your custodian can help with this part too. Good luck!

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January 16, 2015

Hi Michael! Kim has great info for you, so definitely use that. There is a web service that can calculate the cost basis for you called Your Old Money. . This may be a good resource for you to find the info you are looking for.

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