Asked by Ralph  |  Submitted September 08, 2017

Can I get better than 3,25% fixed on $200,000 VA loan?

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November 06, 2017

You may be able to, but since the Feds have raised the rates a couple of times in recent months, it's looking more doubtful. Look at it like this: Bank borrows money at 1.25% and you pay the bank 3.25%. Their spread is 2 percent over 30 years--which is a long time to be making just 2% on your money.. 3.25% fixed is a really good rate--so you may want to just go with it. Having a shorter term than 30 years may also give you a slightly better rate. (p.s. June 2016 I got a 30 year fixed VA rate at 3.00% but that was before the two fed rate increases)

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