Asked by James madden  |  Submitted November 24, 2014

Can I get a loan to get out of a land contract if I filed bankruptcy on 11/13/2013.

My current credit score is 598

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November 24, 2014

Yes, there are portfolio lenders such as our company that will lend to borrowers with 20% equity 1 day after a short sale, bankruptcy, or foreclosure

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September 16, 2015

FHA's guidelines for bankruptcy are two years from the discharge of a Chapter 7 (which I am presuming is what you filed). An FHA loan is likely your best/only option, given your credit scores, as portfolio lenders typically require scores significantly higher (and much more equity) than an FHA loan. Your 598 score puts you well within range for many FHA lenders, for example, our minimum score is 600. It's important to reestablish good credit following the BK, and to avoid delinquent payments/charge offs/etc at all costs, as credit blemishes after a bankruptcy are not viewed kindly by underwriters. Hope this helps, I write loans nationally, glad to answer any other questions. Ted

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