Asked by Carol  |  Submitted June 21, 2018

Can I consolidate all my debt in order to pay one amount?

I also want to improve my credit. What should I do?

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June 22, 2018

You can consolidate all your debts through a balance transfer card. Many credit card companies offer zero interest on balance transfers for twelve months or longer. This allows you to transfer all the balances from your existing cards onto one card and then pay off the balance without incurring any further interest during that window period. Check out our list of balance transfer cards offers.

You could also get a debt consolidation loan. Consolidating your debt into one loan will mean just making one payment toward all of your debt, which can be a great way to chip away at the total more quickly. Our Debt Optimizer tool could suggest where you can save by rolling your debt together or by transferring some payments to lower interest credit card or loans.

Here are some articles that contain great tips for rebuilding your credit score.

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