Asked by skammerjac  |  Submitted December 02, 2016

Can any mortgage beat my current payment of $1180 in principal, taxes and insurance?

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December 02, 2016

The best way to compare mortgage offers is to sign up for Debt Optimizer which is a free tool available through MoneyTips Credit Manager. The MoneyTips Credit Manager gives you access to not only your credit score for free, but also your full credit report. Once you sign up you can also activate features such as the Debt Optimizer and Mortgage Planner, all for free.

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December 07, 2016

Hi, There's no way to answer that question without a lot more info from you. Mortgage pricing is based on many factors, including credit scores, property type, location, loan purpose, and equity. If you want an accurate answer to that question, you'll want to actually discuss your situation with a lender, and be ready to provide your mortgage statement, homeowner's insurance declarations page, and property tax info. Those items give your loan officer the ability to accurately project your new options, any quote obtained otherwise is unlikely to be as accurate. I write loans nationally, glad to answer any further questions.


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