Buy High, Sell Low?

Certified Financial Planner Carl Richards Explains why Investors keep making this Mistake in this Exclusive MoneyTips Video

January 13, 2016

Of course, you know that you can’t make money buying stocks and then selling them at a lower price. In this exclusive MoneyTips Video, Certified Financial Planner Carl Richards of explains why investors continue to make this mistake.

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Nancy | 01.13.16 @ 19:01
It sounds like we panic and forget that patience is the key.
Carla | 01.13.16 @ 19:01
I see why it is exciting for some but it really scares me to take a chance on stocks.
Steffanie | 01.13.16 @ 19:03
He has some valid points. Be careful when buying and selling
Erin | 01.13.16 @ 19:03
My husband gets frustrated when the values of our stocks go down, but I keep telling him that this always happens and he just has to have some patience because they will most likely go up again. That's one of the advantages to not watching the fluctuations every day.
Bobbie | 01.13.16 @ 19:03
Whenever a stock gets hot, hubby refuses to buy. All that exposure makes it hot and sky rocket. He researches stock for a while and overall has been successful.
Amanda | 01.13.16 @ 19:08
I stay away from stocks and bonds, I like knowing I have the money I have and not possibly losing it on a bad choice or market crash.
Kate | 01.13.16 @ 19:08
I have stock that my grandfather purchased for me when I was born. It has sat there ever since. I am now way over the legal age to sell it, but I am too afraid to. I know it has gone up since he purchased it, but how do I know that I am getting the best deal?
Tina | 01.13.16 @ 19:10
It is definitely easy to panic when it comes to money. It feels like cutting losses is the best plan. But waiting does pay off.
Kamie | 01.13.16 @ 19:16
Where was he when I was first buying stocks? I could have used his advice and tips. But, I have learned things just need patience and time.
trish | 01.13.16 @ 19:17
I see the thrill some get out of playing the stock market but I would be the one that panics. Patience is key, but the inner doubter would panic!!!
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