Asked by an anonymous user
Answered by David Skow, Mortgage BrokerPRO+ in Seattle , WA
Rebuild the credit, I would recommend obtaining a lender pulled a tri-merge credit report as this will give you all data and all scores from the 3 main bureaus. Then r...
Asked by an anonymous user
Answered by Chad Freeman, Branch ManagerPRO+ in Bethesda, MD
Hello: are asking about a 'no-closing cost refinance' (see my video right here on MoneyTips regarding this subject). You can accomplish that in 2 wa...
Asked by dmarin9
Answered by Greg Fischer, Mortgage Broker in Manchester, NH
Probably. Know why you're doing it, though. Are you trying to lower your monthly payments? Accelerate your payoff? Just reduce total interest expense? Those are 3 very...
Asked by an anonymous user
Answered by MoneyTips Writing Staff, Financial Adviser in Los Angeles, CA
Believe it or not, the average interest rate on a payday loan is 390%! That's why we don't recommend payday loans except as a last resort. The Consumer Financial Prote...
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