Best Rewards Credit Cards

Credit Card Extras that Pay Off

Best Rewards Credit Cards
July 14, 2022

Check out our current credit card offers!

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Carla | 07.14.16 @ 19:02
These are great rewards. It is nice to get a little something back for using a business as long as it doesn't affect my credit score.
irene | 07.14.16 @ 19:02
I should apply for one of these, my rewards card is not very good
Erin | 07.14.16 @ 19:02
It looks like there are some good cards out there for those who might need them. I think people need to really focus on where they want to spend their rewards and find a card that has the most benefit. There is no point in collecting points if there is nothing you want to spend them on.
Jonathan | 07.14.16 @ 19:02
I have a Discover It card and love it!
Andrea | 07.14.16 @ 19:04
I worked for a major credit card company for years and the hassles that the customers went through to get their "rewards or perks" just isn't worth having the card.
Nancy | 07.14.16 @ 19:05
I think it is always a great idea to research other options when it comes to credit cards.
Wanda Langley | 07.14.16 @ 19:05
From looking at some of these offers I need to change to a different Credit Card with better Rewards. Thanks for the List.
Steffanie | 07.14.16 @ 19:06
We actually use the Chase Freedom card for our business. Chase is an amazing company, but we will keep this list around for future use.
Bev | 07.14.16 @ 19:10
Definitely going to have to check some of these out as were are considering changing credit cards to get different rewards.
Brittany | 07.14.16 @ 19:56
This is great. I have always liked cards that had reward programs
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