Best Apps for Finding Jobs

Options for Mobile Job Searching

Best Apps for Finding Jobs
July 16, 2015

If you are hunting for a job and you are not taking advantage of job-searching apps, you are making the search a lot more difficult for yourself, and possibly lowering your chances of success. Job searching has drifted away from the traditional "Wanted" ads to online searching methods, which have led to the mobile equivalent in apps. An increasing number of these apps are targeting specialties or niche fields.

Here are a few of the best apps available for finding jobs. Many correlate to a traditional computer-based website, but some are only available as mobile apps.

  • Monster – Arguably the site that started it all, Monster has a large number of listings, an international presence, and the ability to block specific companies from seeing your resume (keeping your current employer from realizing that you are in the market). Monster also contains useful job searching articles and advice.

  • Indeed – Indeed is one of the best sites for aggregate job listings, with relatively easy-to-use filters to narrow your search and the potential to set up searches to feed into your email inbox. Traffic of 180 million visitors each month can attest to Indeed's utility.

  • CareerBuilder – There are versions of CareerBuilder throughout the world, so it is also quite useful for international searches. You can store and upload multiple resumes for different positions. If you prefer, CareerBuilder will attempt to match you with available job listings based on your resume information.

  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is not a job search site per se, but it is invaluable for maintaining the connections within your field — and those connections are the ones that are most likely to pay off. It is also useful for doing company recon for a potential interview and to get a feel for the current environment.

  • Glassdoor – Glassdoor is even more useful for company recon than LinkedIn, containing salary information, company assessments and review by workers and job seekers. It is an excellent follow-up site after an initial search.
  • Dice – This is the premier site for engineering and technology professionals, especially within the IT field.

  • Mediabistro – Mediabistro focuses primarily on the media and journalism fields, tilted towards major metro areas and markets.

  • Internships – Guess what area focuses on? There are listings for available internships from over 75,000 companies. Internships may be paid or unpaid.

  • Flexjobs – Flexjobs focuses on those who are serious about finding jobs that match their lifestyle. There is a fee, but in return you get verified positions (no scams) and useful tools to assist in your search.

  • Switch – Available only on iOS and mobile, Switch focuses on confidential job searches within the media and technology fields. You can simply swipe left or right to show interest (or lack thereof) in a particular job. Switch also allows direct messaging for employers to contact candidates.

  • Poachable – Another app that targets anonymous job searches, Poachable is a bit like meets Fill in your information, along with companies you are interested in working for, and Poachable's matching algorithms will find the best matches for you, noting interest without revealing your identity. You can "Reveal" your identity when you feel the time is right.

Most of the above apps are free and supported on all platforms, but that is not true in all cases. Check the availability on your operating system for any apps that you find interesting.

Good luck with your mobile job search! Try out several platforms and choose the best one for you — but remember, just as with texting, do not mobile job search and drive. Arrive alive at your new job!

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