How Much Do We Trust Big Banks? (Infographic)

Exclusive MoneyTips Survey reveals the Level of Consumer Trust in Banks

How Much Do We Trust Big Banks? (Infographic)
February 22, 2016 Are you a big bank customer or do you prefer local banks and credit unions? MoneyTips asked 512 Americans about their banking habits to discover how much faith we have in the big banks. Check out our infographic above for some of the most interesting findingsā€¦ and to learn when consumers expect the next financial crisis to hit!
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Steffanie | 02.22.16 @ 21:02
Although we do most of our banking at our local bank, I do have one big bank that I trust. This is a very interesting infographic.
Erin | 02.22.16 @ 21:02
Count me among those that don't trust and will never consider a big bank for my primary accounts. Just like any other conglomerate, there is too much power in big banks, and I'd rather have my money at a smaller, local bank.
Carla | 02.22.16 @ 21:02
We use a local credit union but we wouldn't be afraid of using a big bank. They have been around a long time and have withstood the odds.
Nancy | 02.22.16 @ 21:02
I definitely prefer a smaller or more local bank. Most of the reasons listed in the graphic were spot on for me.
Sarah | 02.22.16 @ 21:04
I live in a small area where there actually isn't any big banks here. I'd have to travel. Even still, I probably still wouldn't do business there. I like my small town banks
Meredith L | 02.22.16 @ 21:05
Well, I've had a few issues with big banks that have put me in a hole financially - mostly because of their online set ups but in their defense, they have made good on it. Bonus, they are nationwide, for the most part. Major con: they are not as friendly and often miss the personal touch. Do I trust them? Hm....the jury's out on that one still.
Alec | 02.22.16 @ 21:06
I do all of my banking at a credit union, but I would be more likely to use a big bank than anything else. They've been around for so long that it wouldn't bother me. We use the credit union only because we get a better deal with fees and interest.
irene | 02.22.16 @ 21:07
Personally I don't trust them much but I live in RI where we had the huge credit union fiasco years ago so I don't trust small town banking either.
trish | 02.22.16 @ 21:11
I am on the fence. we are actually looking into credit unions now. Not so much out of fear, but I do see where at lot of these graphics are coming from.
Chrisitna | 02.22.16 @ 21:12
I actually currently have a larger bank because I've moved so often, and got tired of having to open new accounts because we used small, local banks previously. There are some great reasons to use local banks, but circumstances ruled that out for me.
Zanna | 02.22.16 @ 21:17
Until the policies in place hold large corporations of any type responsible for their actions and business practices, I will not be trusting any of them.
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