Asked by Chrisitna  |  Submitted September 17, 2015

As a contract employee, what are my best bets to optimize my retirement savings?

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September 19, 2015

Always take advantage of the Match your company is providing you. This is FREE money, so what whatever your company is matching you, make sure to contribute the maximum needed to receive the full match. Working with your trusted personal financial adviser will work with you on how to allocate the funds with the company platform.

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September 21, 2015

As a contract employee you probably don't have employer matching programs. So depending on income you might be able to take advantage of the savers tax credit and invest in an IRA. If income levels are moderate then a Roth IRA would probably be best as eventually you could withdraw the money with interest being tax free. I'd suggest you google savers tax credit to find out about income levels for this bonus of sorts. Also check out Vanguard's website for low cost ways to invest in an IRA.

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