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Are there certain types of companies to avoid getting a mortgage from?

I am a Veteran and recently entered my information on the Zillow webpage stating that I am interested in purchasing a home. Since then, I have been bombarded with calls from Quicken and iFreedom Direct offering to get me pre-approved. The aggressiveness of these companies concerns me. What type of lenders should I stay away from? Is it best to stay with well known banks like USAA and Wells Fargo? I have 770 credit score, and make about 65k a year. iFederal quoted me a rate of 3.5-3.625%. Is that competitive for a VA loan?

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April 07, 2016

You have to understand that just because a lender is being aggressive doesn't mean they're not a good company. The mortgage industry is very competitive so most lenders will try and fight for your business. If I were you I'd reach out to a company that can show you rates/offers from several lenders. There's a company called Home Loans For All that has a good reputation for doing that. Their website also offers a lot of different info regarding mortgage and home loans. Their website is

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April 12, 2016

I would recommend asking for written estimates / proposals from anyone you talk with so you can review and analyze the full picture, if the firm is unwilling to provide this for you without you applying - I would recommend staying away. I would also recommend staying away from any lender that will charge you a non refundable application fee

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