Asked by Erin  |  Submitted September 10, 2015

Are there any good ways to save for retirement that do not involve the potential risk associated with the stock market?

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September 15, 2015

Hi Erin. Paul's answer is a good one. I'd approach the conversation with you from a slightly different perspective, however. I'd like you to tell me what your perception of risk is with respect to the stock market. What potential risks do you see, and how do you perceive those risks impacting YOUR financial plans? I'd also take some time to educate you about the potential risks on NOT investing your retirement savings into stocks. The products that Paul mentions are good, as are some of the strategies in using those products. But, like every investment product/strategy, they are not without their deficits. Since you are asking the question that you are asking, I'd strongly advise you to seek the council of a fee-based, fiduciary financial advisor. Good luck with you retirement planning!

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