Asked by Jane  |  Submitted February 08, 2016

Are money market funds a good place to invest my money at age 55 and older, or should I still be a bit riskier with my investments?

I'm still working, but concerned about the stock market.

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February 08, 2016

Unless you've reached your retirement goal you should want to continue to grow the value of your investments, however, as you get closer to retirement it becomes more and more important to protect your principal as you don't have as much time on your side as you did when you were younger. When markets are falling earning virtually nothing in a money fund can look very attractive vs losing a ton elsewhere. Managing risk through tactical allocation is not easy, but it can be achievable.

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February 09, 2016

Thank you. It certainly is not easy in this economy.

John Carlson
President, Carlson Wealth Management in San Diego, CA | 06.05.16 @ 14:39

Hi Jane - To help make it easier we offer a complimentary retirement plan for investors that are a match for our services. It will give you a crystal clear roadmap to what is required to reach your goals including handling difficult market conditions. First we need to see if we are a match. You do that by going to, clicking on START HERE and following the prompts. Again this is all complimentary which means until you decide to hire us there is no cost or obligation.

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June 05, 2016

Hi Jane.
We are always concerned about Mr. market? Do you have enough in your portfolio to retire on? Meaning, if you stop working today, will you have enough to last until...?
I'm less concerned about Mr. market than I am with you meeting your investment objectives.
This is paramount. What does "Riskier" mean? Risk simply put is just uncertainty. Now, lets dig into uncertainty. Whose money is at risk (yours or the account manager)? Now, who do you want to manage that risk? Probably,, somebody who knows what they are doing-Do you agree?

Here is a great MoneyTips article about Risk

You could set up your portfolio with cash-flows and just "flow" them into your MM (Money Market) account. This protects your principal. We have some that are generating 20%/yr. Restrictions apply. Always do what is in your best interest.

Feel free to contact us directly to discuss your situation in greater detail. No obligation
Its not what you make; Its what you keep that determines your lifestyle

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