American Home Sellers By The Numbers (2016 Infographic)

Keys to Homeownership – Part 6

American Home Sellers By The Numbers (2016 Infographic)
October 24, 2016

How are American home sellers marketing their homes and what incentives are they offering buyers? Check out our infographic above to learn the facts about the average home seller in the U.S.

This infographic is the final installment in our Keys to Homeownership series. We kicked off the sequence with insight into how Americans searched for their homes, and followed that up with reasons we chose the homes we bought. The third infographic explored how U.S. homebuyers made their down payments, while the fourth explained how we paid for our homes and the sacrifices we made to afford them. Last week's installment profiled average homebuyers in the U.S. and why they were buying homes. We hope you now have all the keys you need to unlock the doors to your new home purchase.

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Daniel | 10.24.16 @ 15:38
Very well made and interesting infographic. Really lays out the real estate market in its current state
Zanna | 10.24.16 @ 15:40
We've talked about putting our house on the market and moving closer to our aging parents. This really helps put it all into perspective!
irene | 10.24.16 @ 15:42
Very interesting and informative. I am surprised to see so many young people under 35 already selling their homes,
Carla | 10.24.16 @ 15:45
This is a great infographic. I find it interesting that only 32% of people recommended their realtor after the sale. There are a lot of homes up for sale in my area. Most have been on the market for at least 6 months to a year.
Chrisitna | 10.25.16 @ 14:35
Homes in this area sell faster than you can make an appointment to go see them! It's definitely interesting to see the national trends in this infographic as a comparison.
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