Asked by Scotty  |  Submitted June 09, 2018

According to Credit Sesame, they took inaccurate information and gave me a credit score of 565. Then, with the same information, they raised it to 581. Why is my score increasing and decreasing?

Three days later, with the same information, they reduced my score to 535. I also have an equity line of credit showing up, but I was released from that in 2015, through my divorce decree.

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June 13, 2018

Hello, Scotty. Are you using credit cards? If you charged a lot to a single credit card, even if you're paying it off on time, it could still ding your credit score due to a high credit utilization. You can read more about credit utilization here. As far as the equity line of credit, you should contact the lender to see if all your obligations have been met and that you are released as per your divorce agreement.

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