6 Wackiest "Of The Month" Clubs

From Bows to Tampons, the strangest gifts that keep on giving

6 Wackiest
December 5, 2016

Do you belong to any "of the month" clubs, where a membership or subscription fee entitles you to a monthly supply of that item delivered to your door? Thanks to the ease of establishing such a club through the Internet, there is now a wide — and weird — variety of these clubs available. Here are a few of the stranger ones in our opinion... but who are we to judge?

  • Bows – For only $25 per month, the Hair Bow Box on Cratejoy.com will supply handmade bows and hair accessories to fashion-conscious girls. There are different boxes available for different age groups, from the Babies Collection Box for girls ages 3-12 months, to the High School Collection Box for girls ages 16-18+ years old. Among the offerings are holiday-themed accessories, like orange Halloween bows covered with bats and fashion statement jewelry.

  • Bourbon – Why trudge to the liquor store when you can join the Bourbon of the Month Club at mouth.com? A six-month subscription costs $69 per month, or you can sign up for a full year for $59 per month. You can enjoy a variety of interesting bourbons. Unfortunately, if you live in one of the eighteen states that outlaw the direct importation of alcohol, you'll have to satisfy your bourbon curiosity at the liquor store.

  • Condiments – Enhance your meals, or cover up your culinary shortcomings, with the condiment of the month club. For $124.99 for a six-month subscription, you can have two to three interesting new condiments sent to your home each month. Selections include barbecue sauces, ketchups and mustards, hot wing sauces, olive oils and vinegars, salsas, syrups, and even peanut butters and jellies.

  • Pot Smoking Supplies – 420 Goody Box promises to supply "a monthly subscription goody box for those who live the Smokin' lifestyle." Each mystery box contains five to eight items in the categories of munchies, smoking accessories, and entertainment items (obviously, the boxes cannot contain marijuana). Each month's box comes with a new theme. Submit your e-mail to "follow their buds."

  • Fashion – Do you have to have new clothes no matter how many outfits you already own? For $139 per month you can join Rent the Runway and receive three items of your choosing among designer dresses, skirts, blouses, accessories, and other top end clothing items. While you pay by the month, you do not have to return items each month. You can keep the clothing for as short or long of a time as you want.

  • Tampons – How about a monthly delivery to correlate with a monthly function? That's right, we are talking feminine hygiene. For $19.95 per month with a six-month subscription, HelloFlo will deliver tampons and other feminine supplies "in a super discreet box that will come five days before you need it." Simply describe your monthly flow (light, medium, or heavy), pick your products (tampons, pads, or both), and your payment method. Packages include "fun and tasty treats as a pick-me-up."

If none of these strikes your fancy, check around for your options online. If you have an interest, there is probably a club of the month for it. If you cannot find one, maybe this is your opportunity to become an entrepreneur and start one of your own.

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Nancy | 12.05.16 @ 17:04
Most all of the "of the month " clubs strike me as either absurd or a little on the lazy side. They also somewhat funny in the choices that people have. I think I'd rather go buy my own tampons. But that's just me.
Zanna | 12.05.16 @ 17:05
I've heard of some of these but a few of them are really odd. I can see it appealing to some folks though! I have a friend who would love to get the Bourbon of the month, maybe I'll subscribe to that for him next year!
Jane | 12.05.16 @ 17:39
The Bow of the Month Club sounds a bit zany to me, but they probably do well, since most young girls (and some older ones, too) love bows. Tampon of the Month Club? I guess there must be a use for that, since they're in business!
Brittany | 12.05.16 @ 18:06
I have actually heard of quite a few of these "of the month" clubs, i think they can be rather interesting for sure.
Daniel | 12.05.16 @ 18:45
I really have to admire the imagination behind some of these clubs, and of course the usefulness some do provide people. Convient and easy though not always financially worth it
Chrisitna | 12.05.16 @ 19:09
Some of these are just crazy, and some are way more expensive than it would cost to buy one every month yourself! I can't imagine having someone sending me tampons. Seriously??
Crystal | 12.06.16 @ 17:51
There's a box for everything! The tampons made me laugh. I cannot imagine needing that type of club. Great lighthearted post!
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