6 Unusual Credit Card Perks

Younger credit cardholders seek benefits other than travel or cash back

Shaun Plum
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6 Unusual Credit Card Perks
July 22, 2016

Many credit cards offer account holders free airfare, gift cards, or statement credit as perks for using their card, but some cards have more unique benefits. These benefits, not always advertised, are becoming quite popular with younger credit card users. Many don't need any purchases - they are perks just for opening an account.

Stiff competition in the market has led more credit card issuers to offer a wider range of rewards. Companies are desperate to keep the customers they have and to sign up new ones, so are doing everything possible to add extra benefits. Here are some of the unique perks and experiences that credit cards are offering:

  1. Access to private events with celebrities, chefs, athletes, and more.
  2. Backstage passes at concerts and other events.
  3. Access to members-only clubs and golf courses.
  4. Free admission to certain museums and other locations.
  5. Free enrollment in certain services such as priority shipping.
  6. Free Uber rides after spending a certain amount of money on the service.

Experts are urging consumers to look at more than just the perks offered, though. They need to look at the annual fees associated with the card, the interest rate and decide if they will even make use of any of the perks their card offers.

Above all, consumers should remember to be careful that they don't spend more than they need just to take advantage of these perks.

If you want more credit, check out our list of credit card offers.

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