Five Fun Financial Facts:
The Playboy Mansion

Five Fun Financial Facts: <br>The Playboy Mansion
August 19, 2025

1. At $100 million, the Playboy Mansion at 10236 Charing Cross Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90024, is the most-expensive home ever sold in LA County and the tenth-most expensive in the US.

2. If new owner Daren Metropoulos put 20% down and borrowed $80 million for 30 years at 3.5%, he would have to pay $359,236 per month in principal and interest. Total interest on the loan would be $49,324,870.

3. Playboy Enterprises reportedly bought the Playboy Mansion for $1.05 million in 1971, meaning it appreciated an average of 10.66% every year.

4. At 21,987 square feet, the house is selling for $4,548 per square foot, 991% more than the average house in LA ($417/sq. ft.) and 3,172% more than the average house in the US ($139/sq. ft.).

5. Hugh Hefner will get to stay in the property until his death, but his rent is increasing from $100 a year to $1 million. After he dies, he will enjoy the afterlife buried next to Marilyn Monroe, the first Playmate of the Month, in Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery.

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