Five Fun Financial Facts: <br>Sleep
December 23, 2020

1. Recent research from the RAND Corporation estimates that the lack of sleep among workers costs the U.S. economy up to $411 billion per year (2.28% of GDP), due to individuals' lower productivity levels, higher mortality risk, and poorer health and wellbeing.

2. Americans spend roughly $14 billion on mattresses every year. For that kind of cash, you're allowed to rip off the tag!

3. In 2015, Americans spent roughly $41 billion on sleeping aids and remedies.

4. Over 2,800 sleep "labs" or clinics were active in the U.S. in 2015, earning roughly $7.1 billion in annual revenue, including more than $460 million spent by patients as out-of-pocket expenses.

5. Luxury pet beds are big business with entries from Martha Stewart and Swarovski. Fido may sleep better on a Swarovski Couture Bed, but the $10,400 price tag may keep you up at night!

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