Five Fun Financial Facts:
Presidential Campaign Financing - #1 of 5

Five Fun Financial Facts: <br>Presidential Campaign Financing - #1 of 5
November 6, 2016

Whose Presidential campaign spent the most money to get their party's nomination? Hillary Clinton spent $318 million, followed by Sanders at $232 million, Trump at $119 million, and Cruz at $93 million.

All 2016 campaign figures are from the latest FEC reports produced September, 2016.

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Brittany | 07.22.16 @ 21:01
These are actually really interesting and not something that I was aware of.
STOKES | 07.22.16 @ 21:02
Trunp has gotten plenty of press by the media, it's no surprise he's spent so little.
irene | 07.22.16 @ 21:02
Interesting facts, though not all of them fun lol
Carla | 07.22.16 @ 21:03
There is way too much money spent on campaigning. Some of these are very interesting.
Kailie | 07.22.16 @ 21:03
Trump has mainly fueled his whole campaign based on press. it's actually pretty smart.
Amanda | 07.22.16 @ 21:04
Too much money in these things now! And honestly this years election is a joke.
Sara | 07.22.16 @ 21:05
Okay that is surprising on who spent more just to end up dropping out. However, I still think either way that is a ton of money for a campaign.
Wanda Langley | 07.22.16 @ 21:06
I am Happy to see that some of the Money is going for a Good Cause for a change!
Kyle | 07.22.16 @ 21:07
Awesome list of tips for sure. Something to def take into account.
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