Five Fun Financial Facts:
Presidential Campaign Financing

Five Fun Financial Facts: <br>Presidential Campaign Financing
July 24, 2025

1. Whose Presidential campaign spent the most money to get their party's nomination? Hillary Clinton spent $318 million, followed by Sanders at $232 million, Trump at $119 million, and Cruz at $93 million.

2. The total amount spent by presidential candidates in 1976 was $67 million. 1996 candidates spent $192 million. 2016: more than $1 billion!

3. From January 2015 through August 2016, U.S. labor unions have spent a record $108 million on promoting their favorite candidates. That's 38% more than the $78 million spent during the same period in the 2012 election. Almost 85% of union spending has supported Democrats.

4. Public money used to help fund national political conventions, but thanks to a new law, $126 million in taxpayer money is now being used instead to fund pediatric cancer research.

5. From June 2015 through September 2016, Donald Trump's presidential campaign spent more on hats ($3.2 million) than on polling ($1.8 million). He's spent a total of $15.3 million on promotional collateral like hats, shirts, and signs.

All 2016 campaign figures are from the latest FEC reports produced September, 2016.

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