Five Fun Financial Facts:
Olympics - #5 of 5

Five Fun Financial Facts: <br>Olympics - #5 of 5
July 23, 2025

The U.S. Olympic Committee awards U.S. athletes a gold medal bonus of $25,000, while native gold medal winners get $510,000 from Azerbaijan, $250,000 from Kazakhstan, and $0 from the UK and Norway. In 2012, a Malaysian mine owner offered a 12.5kg (27.5 lb.) gold bar then worth more than $600,000 to any badminton player who won gold for his country. Malaysian Lee Chong Wei lost in the finals to take the silver.

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irene | 08.05.16 @ 16:00
Looking forward to the Olympics, we always watch
STOKES | 08.05.16 @ 16:00
I'm not a big fan of the olympics, but these are interesting facts.
Brittany | 08.05.16 @ 16:01
this is actually some really interesting information. I didn't know half of these.
Jonathan | 08.05.16 @ 16:01
It's crazy how much money the Olympics involves.
trish | 08.05.16 @ 16:01
Must say this is something I was not aware of. Such a vast difference
Carla | 08.05.16 @ 16:01
I love the Olympics. We are excited about watching this year. I did not know the winners got a cash reward also.
Sarah | 08.05.16 @ 16:02
this is kind of cool. I havne't seem olympics since I was a kid but I love the history of it.
Kailie | 08.05.16 @ 16:02
The olymics never made sense to me. they cost SO much.
Heather | 08.05.16 @ 16:02
I did not know Any of these. I cannot wait to watch opening ceremonies tonight. I love the Olympics! Go team USA!
Crystal | 08.05.16 @ 16:03
I did not realize athletes were paid for there medals. Interesting!
Erin | 08.05.16 @ 16:03
I'm looking forward to seeing what happens at this year's olympics. It always seems to be a grand spectacle with lots of amazing competition.
Debbie | 08.05.16 @ 16:04
Wowser I had no idea that much $ could be won with a medal
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