Five Fun Financial Facts:
NFL - #1 of 5

Five Fun Financial Facts: <br>NFL - #1 of 5
September 9, 2016

Over the last 4 seasons, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees was the highest-paid player at $80 million, but endured 123 sacks, while NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell earned $145 million.

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Brittany | 09.09.16 @ 16:11
This is actually pretty interesting. I knew that the NFL brought in a decent amount of money, but these were somethings I didn't know at all.
Steffanie | 09.09.16 @ 16:18
That's some seriousmoney there. I guess with all the bruises the players endure they should earn a few extras.
Chrisitna | 09.09.16 @ 16:39
It just kills me to see how much anyone who provides some form of entertainment makes, especially compared to teachers - who are shaping the minds of the next generation.
George | 09.09.16 @ 22:40
Wow thats a lot of money for one night of football! What the commercials cost the companies and the tv station to air this one show, just mind blowing. It sad that so many ball players are set up to that kind of lifestyle they go bankrupt so fast.
Zanna | 09.10.16 @ 03:22
Huge amounts of money involved! What I wonder is - with all the money they're making and all the concerns about the cognitive damage from the high impacts, are they investing in life inusrance and health insurance? So many of these players seem to just spend what they get, without looking to the future.
Apryl | 09.10.16 @ 04:41
With 78% of their players bankrupt two years after retirement, the NFL should seriously consider having all of their players partnered with a financial planner after they sign their contract. It's fantastic they are paid so well for their skillset but clearly they don't know how to manage the money longterm.
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