Five Fun Financial Facts:
Kevin Hart

Five Fun Financial Facts: <br>Kevin Hart
June 16, 2025

1. Kevin Hart went from working as a low-wage shoe salesman to having his own shoe line! He reportedly makes $8- to $10-million annually from Nike.

2. His 2011 stand-up tour grossed $15 million. His 2015 tour, which brought in $35 million in pre-sales alone, covered 112 cities in 13 nations on 5 continents, and even sold out a football stadium.

3. Since 2011, Hart has made more than $100 million in endorsement deals from corporate titans such as eBay, Samsung and Hyundai.

4. Hart has a big heart. The Philly native donated $250,000 to the Philadelphia school systems to buy students new computers.

5. Due to his dedicated Twitter following of nearly 30 million, a movie studio reportedly paid him $2 million just to tweet about 2 movies.

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Patricia | 06.20.16 @ 08:15
I love a "rags to riches" story. He proves that if you work hard and don't give up, you can reach your goals. I also love that he's giving back to the community.
gracie | 06.20.16 @ 09:49
I love to know the baackground of stars and singers that had perfectly ordinary lives and went on to become something extraordinary that they love! Always inspires me to think that our originality and creativity can take us someplace different!
irene | 06.20.16 @ 10:36
wow that's amazing to have come so far from from a shoe salesman
Daniel | 06.20.16 @ 11:45
Great entertainer, and fantastic story. He seems to be handling the success very well and inteligently
Erin | 06.20.16 @ 12:36
What a fantastic person he is to remember the kids in Philadelphia. Congratulations to him for making it to the big leagues.
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