Five Fun Financial Facts:
Harry Potter - #1 of 5

Five Fun Financial Facts: <br><i>Harry Potter</i> - #1 of 5
November 12, 2016

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them opens this month as the latest entry in J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World. Estimated budget: $225 million. Estimated gross: $68-85 million in its opening-weekend in the U.S. and Canada. Estimated number of sequels planned: 4.

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Brittany | 11.14.16 @ 16:57
As an avid Harry Potter fan, none of this surprises me at all. The Franchise has always been successful, so I expected it to continue to flourish.
Erin | 11.14.16 @ 16:59
It looks like anyone involved with Harry Potter (the big names at least) will be set for life. It's amazing sometimes what will capture people's imaginations and generate millions of dollars. It seems like some ideas have been around for a while, someone gives it a slight twist, and boom, it takes off.
Jane | 11.14.16 @ 17:11
This is exciting news. J.K. Rowling has a special talent in appealing to young adults and adults. It's no surprise this first installment of a new novel series will have an excellent turnout.
Nancy | 11.14.16 @ 18:31
I have never been a Harry Potter fan. But these numbers are just incredible. She obviously knows what she's doing when she tells a story.
Zanna | 11.14.16 @ 20:45
I know our family has poured tons of money into the Harry Potter franchise - we love it! Cannot wait to see the movie, and hope that eventually a set of books from the scripts will be created too.
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