Five Fun Financial Facts:
Ghostbusters - #5 of 5

Five Fun Financial Facts: <br><i>Ghostbusters</i> - #5 of 5
July 16, 2025

The new 2016 film's budget is $154 million — the original cost $30 million — of which $14 million is reportedly going to Melissa McCarthy.

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Heather | 07.08.16 @ 23:03
What fun facts about Ghostbusters. I remember seeing the first movie in the theater with my parents. Still such a great movie.
Debbie | 07.08.16 @ 23:06
I loved this movie and all the sequels when I was a teen. I am looking forward to the new one because I love the women chosen to be in it. They are all funny ladies.!!!!!!
Jane | 07.08.16 @ 23:08
I loved the first Ghostbusters, didn't see the second. It was so creative and was made at the right time. It's great it did so well. I'm thinking about checking out the new Ghostbusters with women.
Carla | 07.08.16 @ 23:08
I am going to see this mainly because Melissa McCarthy is in it. She is so funny!
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