Five Fun Financial Facts:
Father's Day - #1 of 5

Five Fun Financial Facts: <br>Father's Day - #1 of 5
June 17, 2016

$12.7 billion was spent on Father's Day in 2015, but total spending in 2016 is expected to reach a record high of $14.3 billion.

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Erin | 06.10.16 @ 19:15
Ok, it's kind of sad that dads don't get the same recognition as moms tend to when it comes to gift-giving. Not that I can really talk much, since my husband and I don't generally give gifts to each other for these days and our parents don't want them.
Alec | 06.10.16 @ 19:16
I'm kind of sad that Father's Day ranks as low as 6 on the amount spent for them vs other holidays. I'll be one of the statistics buying a Father's Day card for my husband because my daughter is too young to do it herself. Haha! I got my husband a mug for Father's Day this year since we don't spend too much money on Mother's Day and Father's Day, instead making homemade goods on top of something storebought and a card!
Amanda | 06.10.16 @ 19:18
Father's Day, has always been a back burner to all holiday. But mostly because guys don't get into all the gift drama. They want alone time, and fishing...simple things.
Kamie | 06.10.16 @ 19:21
It is crazy that Father's Day ranks number 6 out of most spent holidays. but also sad that it is not as much celebrated or recognized as mother's day. It is not much about the gifts for us, but trying to do something that he wants to do, and making his favorite meal or going out to his favorite place.
Carla | 06.10.16 @ 19:22
My husband is just happy to hear from our Son on Fathers Day. I do think that men don't really mind if less money is spent on them.
trish | 06.10.16 @ 19:24
Wow, amazed to see how low this day ranks on the list. We have always made it a big deal here!!! I wonder what the reasoning is behind this.
Nancy | 06.10.16 @ 19:39
If my own dad is any representative of most dads he really didn't care. A card, a hug and maybe a nice dinner and he was good.
irene | 06.10.16 @ 19:39
Wow that's a lot of money on holiday spending. I spent 50 bucks on my hubby. My father has passed away :(
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