Five Fun Financial Facts:
College Graduation - #2

Five Fun Financial Facts: <br>College Graduation - #2
May 13, 2022

The average Class of 2015 graduate had over $35,000 in loans.

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Elaine | 05.13.16 @ 22:05
I cant believe that loan amount bc ours is so much more. Also, didn't get anything for graduation so numbers 1 & 2 doesn't fit me.
Carla | 05.13.16 @ 22:10
It is so sad that getting an education leaves you this far in debt.
Beverly | 05.13.16 @ 22:20
That was a fun read! Thankfully my kids won't have the college debt as they are planning smart and doing community college for the majority and then transferring to the they don't feel the need to have to go to an ivy league school.
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