Five Fun Financial Facts:
College Graduation - #1

Five Fun Financial Facts: <br>College Graduation - #1
May 13, 2016

College graduates raked in an astounding $4.8 billion in graduation gifts last year.

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Steffanie | 05.13.16 @ 22:08
Those are really interesting facts. My kids have enjoyed their gifts in previous years.
Erin | 05.13.16 @ 22:08
That's a lot of money being spent on graduation gifts! I figured having my parents help pay for my college education was gift enough. Yikes. The outstanding debt held by people doesn't surprise me either. It's getting ridiculously expensive to get a decent education.
Carla | 05.13.16 @ 22:09
Wow! That is a lot of presents. They sure earn it with the price of tuition these days.
Brittany | 05.13.16 @ 22:18
That is a lot of money spent. I am graduating next semester and just.. wow.
Kyle | 05.13.16 @ 22:20
That is a crazy amount of money to spend on graduation gifts , however, I can understand how so many parents and family members splurge when it comes to celebrating such.
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