Five Fun Financial Facts:
Britney Spears - #1 of 5

Five Fun Financial Facts: <br>Britney Spears - #1 of 5
August 29, 2016

A month before the release of her new album, Glory, Britney agreed to extend her Las Vegas residency, Britney: Piece of Me, for two years for $35 million. The show helped her to achieve the sixth slot in The World's Highest-Paid Women in Music 2015 Forbes list with $31 million, ahead of J-Lo and Rihanna.

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Erin | 08.29.16 @ 16:53
I can't even imagine spending that much money on my hair in a single year. I'm not sure I would do that in a lifetime or two. I'm glad she has a conservatorship until she becomes mature enough to handle all that money on her own.
Daniel | 08.29.16 @ 16:53
Though they may have some talent we really pay these people insane amounts
Carla | 08.29.16 @ 16:55
It is great to see she has gotten her act together. I could not imagine vet bills and other pet essentials costing over 24 thousand dollars. She must really spoil her furbabies.
Brittany | 08.29.16 @ 16:56
I've always been a huge Britney fan, but I didn't know any of this!
Chrisitna | 08.29.16 @ 17:06
Can't.Even.Imagine. spending all that... wow. How do you spend $20K on HAIR??
gracie | 08.29.16 @ 17:07
Wow! I am impressed that she has over come the challenges she faced earlier on and come out of it gorgeous and successful as ever. I still can't wrap my head around the money she makes and spends.
Zanna | 08.29.16 @ 17:19
I can't quite imagine those amounts of money. Kind of boggles my mind. Very glad to see her overcoming the difficulties she's had in the past, and am looking forward to listening to her new album.
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