Five Fun Financial Facts:
Apple - #5 of 5

Five Fun Financial Facts: <br>Apple - #5 of 5
September 24, 2025

Next year, 13,000 Apple employees will move into a new $5-billion "Spaceship Campus" in Cupertino, California, commissioned by Steve Jobs in 2009. The four-story circular building is more than a mile around, and will contain a $75-million fitness center, and a 1,000-seat underground auditorium where Apple may introduce the iPhone 8.

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Steffanie | 09.16.16 @ 14:25
I pretty much love everything Apple. I'm not really surprised by the amounts of money mentioned in these facts. They are a very big and powerful company.
Brittany | 09.16.16 @ 14:25
This is actually kinda great. I've been an apple user for quite some time and known quite a bit about the company, but a lot of this information here, I didn't know. It's amazing how far apple has come.
Jane | 09.16.16 @ 14:27
It's great they'll have a nice fitness center, as programming and development can be pretty stressful.
Daniel | 09.16.16 @ 14:28
From such humble beginnings to where they are now is a real great story .. Sure they do not always make the best choices for their loyal customers and base things on bottom line but kudos for sure
Carla | 09.16.16 @ 14:33
Wow! This is awesome for the Apple employees. It sounds like they take great care of their people. That poor guy who sold all his shares for $800 must really be kicking himself. I just wish the price of Apple products would come down since the profit is so high for them now.
Chrisitna | 09.16.16 @ 14:41
It's not so surprising to think Apple sold over a billion iPhones when you consider the fact that they are now on version 7 (with 8 in the works) ;).
Leslie | 09.16.16 @ 14:50
I've never been an Apple user, but this building is really impressive! It's great to see the company investing in its workers with this great facility and state of the art fitness center. Too bad they'll have to wait 5 more years to move in.
Zanna | 09.16.16 @ 14:57
That looks like a wonderful work environment - I wonder what they'll put in the park in the middle? Apple seems to have a great vision for their next office complex!
Angie | 09.16.16 @ 22:27
That says a lot about how they treat their employees. It really makes me respect them more. With making that kind of investment, they must really be confident in the success of their future endeavors.
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