Asked by Angie
Answered by Pamela J. Horack, PRO+
CFP® in Lake Wylie, SC
Hi Angie! While I'm not exactly sure of the employer's intent based on your description, it sounds like he may have contributed to a SEP IRA for employees. This is a t...
Asked by Heather
Answered by Paul Carag
Financial Adviser in Renton, WA
Hi Heather - the great thing about your situation is that you can now proactively learn the many options available to you. The first thing I'd want to know is how old...


Asked by Kamie
Answered by John Cole
Insurance Agent in Indian Trail, NC
Why settle for a 6% return when you can get a 400% return ?
Asked by Chrisitna
Answered by Shane Terry
Financial Adviser in Carlsbad, CA
Hi Christina - First congratulations on considering enrollment in a 401k. Far too many people choose not to take advantage of the multiple benefits offered in 401k's....
Asked by Steffanie
Answered by Stephen Hartel
MBA, AIF in Denver, CO
Steffanie: The truth is that being self-employed actually gives you MORE ways to save for retirement. The method(s) you choose will depend on various factors such a...
Asked by Chrisitna
Answered by Michael Minter
Financial Adviser in Tampa, FL
Always take advantage of the Match your company is providing you. This is FREE money, so what whatever your company is matching you, make sure to contribute the maxim...
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