2 Rewards Credit Cards For People With Fair Credit

These Credit Cards have Great Benefits for People with Damaged Credit

2 Rewards Credit Cards For People With Fair Credit
August 18, 2022

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Steffanie | 08.18.16 @ 15:19
Great information for building your credit with credit cards. Some of the cards offer some really good incentives too.
Jonathan | 08.18.16 @ 15:19
I have a Discover IT card and I love the rewards ot offers!
Carla | 08.18.16 @ 15:19
Thank you for the suggestions. We fall into the category with less than perfect credit scores It is nice to know there are options.
trish | 08.18.16 @ 15:20
Great options for those looking to rebuild credit.
irene | 08.18.16 @ 15:20
Great info for people working on building their credit history
Chrisitna | 08.18.16 @ 15:21
I have a Barclay rewards card and love it :). It's an excellent card for those looking to rebuild or build credit.
Nancy | 08.18.16 @ 15:22
A great suggestion for rebuilding your credit. While some of the percentage rates are very high you do have to go through some work in order to reestablish credit.
Kate | 08.18.16 @ 15:22
We are working on building our credit right now. This information came in really handy and I am going to pass it along to my friends who are doing the same thing. Knowing what to do and how to do it is a big help!
Heather | 08.18.16 @ 15:22
These cards do sound great and I do like the rewards they offer. Just don't max them out with that interest rate.
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