3 Habits Debt-Free Consumers Practice

Practicing good financial habits makes reducing debt simple

3 Habits Debt-Free Consumers Practice
July 15, 2016

Many consumers attempt to become debt-free, but while setting such a goal is easy, attaining it is often difficult or impossible. Financial experts are often asked for tips on how to pay off debt, and the answer many give is that it is not something achieved overnight. Great Waters Financial Partner Justin Halverson outlines several different habits that consumers need to follow if they want to reduce or end their debt. By practicing these habits regularly, they will start to see a change in their amount of debt.

1. The main reason consumers are in debt is because they spend more than they earn. By creating a monthly budget and tracking their expenses, consumers can see where their money goes each month. Then they can cut back on unnecessary purchases until they are earning more than they spend.

2. Consumers need to review their credit card and bank statements every month, to identify things such as memberships or subscriptions that they no longer need.

3. Another tip Halverson gives is for consumers to approach saving as a long-term solution process. While debt can quickly be built up in a day, it can also be built up with small, regular purchases. Those who eat out several times a week may not think they're spending a lot of money, but when it is all added up, the result is often much more than they realized.

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