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Asked by Mark Fidelman
Answered by David Skow, Mortgage BrokerPRO+ in Seattle , WA
12/29/2014 Mark - thanks for the post / question Yes - depending on your goals - refinancing is likely to be easily beneficial to do rates are lowe...
Asked by Cortland
Answered by Kim Miller, CFP®PRO+ in Redmond, WA
It may be more helpful for you to think of it as cash flow: "Every month Uncle Sam makes a pension deposit and a Social Security deposit in my bank account of $XX and...
Asked by Jackie
Answered by David Skow, Mortgage BrokerPRO+ in Seattle , WA
If your 3.75 is a 30 yr fixed rate - you are in good shape as fixed rates are higher now.
Asked by Cheryl
Answered by Chad Freeman, Branch ManagerPRO+ in Bethesda, MD
Hi Cheryl: If you are financing an "out of state" property, it means that the property you are financing is out of the state from where you live. Your "primary" res...

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