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Q&AAsked by an anonymous user
Answered by David Skow, Mortgage Broker in Seattle , WA
you can choose to pay any fee/ cost you want to based on the interest rate you choose ... so in many cases you can obtain a lender credit to help pay for soem of...
Q&AAsked by Edna M in Bellingham, WA
Answered by Helen Barbre Stephens, Financial Adviser in Fort Worth, TX
Hi Edna, You can't sell your securities until you have securities to sell. Here is a link: that explains what you need to do...
Q&AAsked by Robert in Portage, IN
A 401k is an employer sponsored plan and the guidelines for employee investments are limited by the plan. If you really want to invest in real estate and it is not an...
Q&AAsked by Brian in Wakefield, RI
Answered by Chad Freeman, Mortgage BrokerPRO in Rockville, MD
Hello Brian: There are a multitude of loan programs that require credit scores that are across the spectrum. The most efficient way to approach purchasing a hom...

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