How to Fatten Your Wallet this Holiday Season
Asked by an anonymous user in Atlanta, GA
Answered by Chad Freeman, Mortgage Broker in Rockville, MD
Hello: Great question...and yes, the FHA mortgage insurance does significantly increase the monthly payment. FHA mortgage insurance has steadily increased over the ...
Chad Freeman
Asked by Edna M in Hermosa Beach, CA
Answered by Helen Barbre Stephens, Financial Advisor in Fort Worth, TX
Hi Edna, You can't sell your securities until you have securities to sell. Here is a link: that explains what you need to do...
Helen Barbre Stephens
Don’t Be a Turkey When It Comes to Holiday Spending
Thanksgiving is a time to relax and enjoy a nice dinner with your loved ones. You don’t want to spend it stressing over the Thanksgiving b...
Budgeting Investing & Retiring
Getting a Bigger Tax Refund
Most advice for cutting your taxes falls into one of three basic categories – minimizing your pre-tax income, maximizing your deductions, an...
Taxes Investing & Retiring
Asked by Mike in CA
Answered by Kim Miller, CFP®, Financial Advisor in Redmond, WA
Hi - The first action I would take is to make sure you fully fund Roth IRAs for each of you. You can each contribute up to $6,500 to a Roth IRA each year. This is...
Kim Miller, CFP®
Asked by Brian in Hermosa Beach, CA
Answered by Ted Erickson, Mortgage Broker in Novato, CA
The lowest score required is 500 for an FHA loan.
Ted Erickson
All About Giving… and Getting Tax Breaks
You want to do the right thing and make charitable contributions to help your fellow man. At the same time, it is nice to get your own benef...
Taxes Investing & Retiring
Watch our exclusive Jeff Rose Video
Written by Jeff Rose, CFP®, Financial Advisor in Carbondale, IL
Jeff Rose, CFP®
Retirement Investing & Retiring
Asked by Bill in Dublin, OH
Answered by Kim Miller, CFP®, Financial Advisor in Redmond, WA
Hi - Yes, contributions to a Health Savings Account (HSA) are tax deductible in the year the contribution is made. Keep in mind that you must first be covered by a...
Kim Miller, CFP®
Asked by Michael in Atlanta Ga
Answered by Helen Barbre Stephens, Financial Advisor in Fort Worth, TX
Passive activities by definition are those trade or business activities where you don't materially participate. Rental real estate is one type, especially if one uses...
Helen Barbre Stephens
A Payment-Lowering Alternative Mortgage
Most mortgage terms are for 15 and 30 years, but you may be able to secure a 40-year mortgage through some lenders. The main purpose of this...
Borrowing Home Purchase Loan
Higher Education, Lower Prices
If your grades do not merit a full-ride academic scholarship to college and you do not have enough athletic skills to stop your grandmother ...
Student Loans Borrowing
Asked by an anonymous user in Ripon, ca
Answered by Heath Schneider, Mortgage Broker in Las Vegas, NV
If you did a modification without going late on your mortgage then yes. If you were required to go late to qualify for the modification then you would need to wait un...
Heath Schneider
Asked by Per in santa barbara
Answered by Kim Miller, CFP®, Financial Advisor in Redmond, WA
Hi - ETFs and mutual funds are similar in their objective: gaining investment exposure to a specific segment of the stock or bond markets or to the markets as a whole....
Kim Miller, CFP®
Safeguarding Your Personal Information
With the advent of mobile apps for financial transactions and services, your financial data is more vulnerable than ever. What if the worst ...
Investing & Retiring Banking

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