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Q&AAsked by Rosemary in Aurora, CO
Answered by Timothy Peddycoart, Insurance Agent in Big Lake, MN
It really depends on what you want the life insurance to do. How much you need and if you can afford the policies. It appears that these are term policies. So, as lon...
Q&AAsked by Edna M in Bellingham, WA
Answered by Helen Barbre Stephens, Financial Adviser in Fort Worth, TX
Hi Edna, You can't sell your securities until you have securities to sell. Here is a link: that explains what you need to do...
Q&AAsked by Katie P in Los Angeles, CA
Answered by Elizabeth Beagle, Insurance Agent in Burbank, CA
Some agents would state you need 12 to 14 percent of your annual earnings in life insurance. I believe there are more practical ways of determining the right amount of...
Q&AAsked by Brian in Wakefield, RI
Answered by Ted Erickson, Mortgage Broker in Novato, CA
The lowest score required is 500 for an FHA loan.

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