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Q&AAsked by lisa in Sevierville, TN
Answered by Willard R. Brumbaugh, LUTCF, Insurance AgentPRO+ in Victorville, CA
Since 401(k)s only defer taxes, not eliminate them, contribute only what your employer matches.
Q&AAsked by Edna M in Bellingham, WA
Answered by Helen Barbre Stephens, Financial Adviser in Fort Worth, TX
Hi Edna, You can't sell your securities until you have securities to sell. Here is a link: that explains what you need to do...
Q&AAsked by Rosemary in Aurora, CO
Answered by Timothy Peddycoart, Insurance AgentPRO+ in Big Lake, MN
It really depends on what you want the life insurance to do. How much you need and if you can afford the policies. It appears that these are term policies. So, as lon...
Q&AAsked by Brian in Wakefield, RI
Answered by Chad Freeman, Mortgage BrokerPRO+ in Rockville, MD
Hello Brian: There are a multitude of loan programs that require credit scores that are across the spectrum. The most efficient way to approach purchasing a hom...

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